What is a nightstand, you might wonder? You know those small non-fussy drawers or shelf type thingy we keep beside our beds? The ones normally referred to as bedside drawers? Yep. Those are night stands, at least that’s the generally accepted description of a nightstand. Today we are looking at 9, not 4,  9 Unconventional things to use as a nightstand.

All a nightstand really is, at its most basic, is a designated spot to put all the random little things you may want before you go to bed or right after you get up. This is super handy, so you don’t have to lean over awkwardly each time to pick your iPhone off the floor.

Realizing this, lots of clever folks have re-purposed all kinds of non-nightstandy things as nightstands. Here are 9 of my favorite examples of unconventional things to use as a nightstand.


1. A Trunk


Remember the old trunk Grandma keeps talking about? The one she was given when she got married to grandad a zillion years ago? Well, who knew the good ol’ trunk would one day become a decor style statement! An old trunk used as a nightstand has a cool, bohemian, old-world vibe to it— and think of all the cool stuff you could stash in there! Plus, you get to enjoy the added je ne sais quoi. Joy!

2. A Stack Of Books


Since most people’s nightstands are stacked with books anyway — why not cut out the middleman and make a nightstand out of books or magazines? I’ll admit: I’ve seen this in more than one place, and I’m still not convinced it’s a thing real people would do and not just a styling trick. But I’m intrigued by the ingenuity and simplicity of it all. Have you seen anyone do this? Tried it yourself? Did it actually work? Or did you always find yourself wanting to read the book on the bottom of the stack?

3. Concrete Blocks


Yes, yes. What you see is real. And why not? Concrete is Solid, fits right into whatever nook you can carve out for it and — this is a big aaannd — is the perfect minimalist decor accessory. You would literally be The Godfather Of minimalism. Definitely worth a shot, if you don’t mind sweeping away bits of sand every morning that is.

4. A Basket


Let’s take it back, waaaaay back to the ’70s and 80’s when most Nigerian Undergraduates used wicker baskets as drawers and cupboards in their hostels.

The basket-as-nightstand may seem a little unusual, but it would be a fun, quirky choice in a guest room or anywhere corralling books is the main concern. I would suggest using a wall-mounted lamp if you are using an open wicker basket since a lamp in a basket might be a bit odd.


The Basket trend is back and better than ever. It’s got a new look, It comes cheap and its super versatile. Right now, I give it Thumbs up as a nightstand.

5. A Drum


A Drum as nightstand?! Lol. Given the topic, you shouldn’t be surprised.

But let’s face it, having a drum as a nightstand speaks volumes about your personality and style. Automatically you upgrade from being drab and boring and ordinary to being Fun, cheeky, original and eclectic! And, if you can find one at a thrift store it is waaaay cheaper than buying traditional furniture.

6. A Ladder + Stool Combo


There are a million different ways to achieve this look, which allows you to get creative when hunting for your own stool and ladder. I’d recommend a small ladder + a small stool to complete the look.

7. A Bar Cart


Yep! Bar carts don’t just hold booze anymore. These babies have been fully re-purposed! Debatably the most versatile accessory that every home needs, the rolling bar cart is the perfect piece to move around your house when you’re feeling like a refresh. Wishing there were drawers? Put a basket or bin on the bottom tray for added storage. Win!

8. A Tree Stump (or two)


Unconventional isn’t it? But trust me it’s so easy and so trendy especially if you happen to love and appreciate all things natural and earthy.


All you need is a tree stump from your local wood market, some sprays to keep the bugs off and some wood stain or paint, and its hellooooo beautiful!

DIY coming up soon.

9. A Barrel


I have to admit, this is my personal favorite! Lol. Whoever uses this has to be either insane or super eclectic. I like to think of my decor personality as a cross between bohemian, classic and eclectic and I can assure you this barrel just screams my name! Lol! Bonus point, its Chanel no. 5 Y’all!!

Which of these beauties are you willing to try out?