Knowing your bedsize is the first step to making any bedding While we all know and appreciate the importance of Great sheets and comfortable beds, Getting familiar with the terminologies will make shopping for bedding items much easier for you.

In this beducation series, we are going to discuss the various terms associated with bedding items and what they mean. We will also provide suggestions which will help you determine the best bedding products for your needs.

Part One: Knowing Your Bedsize

Beds come in different sizes and are called different names especially in Nigeria. Knowing your bedsize and understanding what’s available will help you know exactly what you are looking for and buy the right bedding.

We’ll start with the smallest bed size and work our way up:

1. Twin bed:

This is also known as a single bed, 3 x 6 or student bed in Nigeria. It is the smallest sized mattress available for adults and as such can only accommodate one person. the twin bed is mostly used in boarding schools, NYSC camps and in some colleges.

2. Twin XL:

These beds are six inches longer than the regular twin beds and are more suitable and comfortable for taller individuals. If you assumed it’s called 3.5 x 6, you guessed right.

3. Full bed:

They are also known as 4.5 x 6, standard bed or double bed. I like to call it the ‘two body bed’ because it’s wide enough to accommodate two people comfortably. It is one of the most common choices for smaller bedrooms and the most common choice for young adults living alone for the first time. Sometimes, it’s also used by students in universities and colleges.

4. Queen bed:

Popularly known as 5 x 6, Queen beds are slightly wider and longer than regular double or full beds.

5. King bed:

You guessed it! The almighty 6 x 6 bed. They are similar to queen beds in width, but 16 inches longer in length and can accommodate 3 bodies with some space to spare. Another name they are known by is ‘eastern king’. It’s probably called that in some eastern part of the world, definitely not in Imo state where I’m from Lool.

California king:

The Cal. King, commonly known as 6 x 7 is longer than the King bed, and a few inches narrower on the width.

Emperor Bed:

This is the grandmaster of all the bed sizes. The 7 x 7 bed is as wide as it is long and can take as much as 5 adults.

If this was helpful, leave is a comment and stay tuned for part two.