A great morning routine to perk up your day starts with drinking a few glasses of water immediately you wake up.

1. Once you get off the bed, start with two glasses of room temperature water taken one after the other, slowly. This helps activate your internal organs for the day. It’s just like warming up your car engine before you even have a bath (my Nigerian people understand this).

2. Before you head to the shower, drink another glass of water. This lowers your body temperature so that the hot/cold water to skin contact doesn’t come as a shock to you.

Bonus tip: when bathing cold water, wet your feet first. It lessens the cold shock even more.

I’m sure by now you are worried about your bladder working overdrive especially if you have to sit in traffic to get to work. I’ll be sharing some secrets in the next post)


3. 30 minutes before breakfast (any meal actually) you should drink a glass of water. This readies your digestive system for its job and prevents overfeeding and bloating.

4. While Drinking water strategically in the morning has its benefits, having a glass right before you sleep at night prevents stroke and heart attacks.

Remember the old saying ‘water is life’? It is.